Our expert consultants guide you through the development of your documentation, including manuals, procedures, work instructions, and forms. We ensure that the documentation aligns with your organization’s unique requirements while adhering to your Management System Standard. Additionally, we provide hands-on support during the implementation phase, helping you integrate the new processes seamlessly into your operations.


We offer engaging training programs and workshops designed to enhance your team’s understanding of the Management System Standards as well as regulatory compliance requirements of your jurisdiction. We help your team build the necessary skills for successful implementation. Our interactive sessions cover key concepts, best practices, and practical examples to empower your employees and foster a culture of excellence.


Our audit package includes Full Management System Audit and Reporting for all the Management Systems offered. We audit multiple standards at a time to save you time and money. Through rigorous assessments, we identify non-conformities and areas for improvement, allowing you to take corrective actions and continuously enhance your management system. We also provide comprehensive support during external certification or surveillance audits, ensuring a smooth and successful certification process.



In addition to the above, R2v3 Audits also include Compliance, and an Independent Data Sanitation & Security Audit to assess your organization’s compliance with all R2v3 requirements.


Downstream Due Diligence

Downstream due diligence is a key component of the R2v3 Standard. It refers to the process by which electronics recyclers assess and manage the environmental, health, safety, and data security risks associated with their downstream partners in the recycling chain. Downstream partners include other recyclers, refurbishers, resellers, brokers, and disposal facilities. Our experts ensure that you have all the documentation needed to show full and complete due diligence of all your downstream partners. 

Data Sanitization & Security Audits

R2v3, appendix a (8)(d)(2)(d) requires data sanitization audits for non-R2 DSV be conducted by an independent and competent auditor that has completed “SERI approved data sanitization training with maintenance through annual refresher training.” Berkeley court consultants have undergone SERI lead auditor and continually undergo annual refresher trainings. We provide downstream vendor audit services including on-site or remote audits, gathering of objective evidence, and audit reporting for your downstream vendors.

Under R2v3, recyclers must establish and implement a documented downstream due diligence program to ensure that their downstream partners comply with the R2 Standard’s requirements. This includes verifying that downstream vendors are properly managing materials, following environmentally sound practices, and handling data securely.

The downstream due diligence process typically involves conducting audits, inspections, and documentation reviews of downstream facilities. Recyclers are also required to maintain records of their due diligence activities and to make those records available to auditors and regulators upon request.

By implementing downstream due diligence, R2v3 aims to promote responsible practices throughout the entire electronics recycling supply chain, ensuring that materials are managed in an environmentally sound manner and minimizing risks to human health and data security.

System Maintenance

We offer ongoing guidance and support to help you maintain your Management System, optimize your processes, and drive continuous improvement initiatives within your organization. Our team remains dedicated to your success even after achieving certification. Your System Maintenance Package can include weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annual support.

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